Artificial Lawn


one-time DEEP CLEAN

Schedule a single deep cleaning from our turf professionals.

<1000sqft - $200  >1000sqft - $350

*Pricing not valid for spaces above 5000sqft.



Schedule a twice-yearly visit to keep your turf seasonably fresh.

<1000sqft - $300  >1000sqft - $600

*Pricing not valid for spaces above 5000sqft.

Turf Care

An artificial lawn represents a significant investment of money regardless of the size or intended use and that investment should be protected! While it's true that artificial grass is significantly lower maintenance than a standard lawn, it's not 100% maintenance-free. It doesn't take much to care for synthetic turf but TurfRocks makes it even easier!

TurfRocks is proud to offer on-going maintenance packages, providing professional cleaning and care as often as twice a year, once a year, or juast as needed, even if we didn't install it! A trained professional will inspect your artificial grass, clear and clean the turf, administer additional antibacterial infill if necessary, disinfect and powerbroom the area.

You'll never worry about your artificial lawn again!

Dirty Artificial Grass
Clean Artificial Grass



What We Trust and Recommend

Our clients often ask us for our recommendations for what they can do themselves to keep their new artificial lawn looking, feeling, and smelling it's best for as long as possible with minimal effort and cost.

To make it easy we've linked our top picks from trusted sellers on Amazon for cleaning, clearing and maintaining your investment at affordable prices.

Don't see something you need?

  • The toughest pet and dog odor eliminator for outdoor artificial grass.

  • Concentrated enzyme cleaner with penetrating technology and is a high quality, commercial grade turf odor and bacteria eliminator including pet urine and feces.

  • BioTurf Gallon concentrate makes (4) 32oz spray bottles and is enough to treat 8000 sqft of artificial turf. This value pack includes 32oz bottle for refills and BioSiphon Sprayer.

  • Kid and pet safe - all natural cleaner is enzymatic, biodegradable and non-toxic.

grandi turf rake
Turf Rake
  • Lifts pet hair and leaves: Simultaneously loosen and lift deeply embedded soil particles and pet hair for efficient extraction and cleaning.

  • 18-inch Head: The wide (18 inch) head covers large spaces more quickly so less time in required to finish an area.

  • "Like New" Appearance: Restructure the original design of the turf blades in high-traffic areas to restore the resilient effect of a fresh lawn.

battery operated leaf blower
40v Leaf Blower/Vacuum
  • Brushless motor provides your tool with longer run-time, more torque and more power leading to less wear and tear, extending the life-time of the tool.

  • Variable speed offers up to 185 mph to make clean up of major debris easy and efficient.

  • Blower/Vac capability provides a versatile use to get your yard work done without the need for multiple tools!

  • Powerful enough to handle wet and dry leaves but just 5.6lbs!

  • Up to one hour of run time on a single charge.

  • No more hard to manage pull cords, mixing oil and gas, and heavy tools, start enjoying the your weekend in your yard without the fumes and hassle.