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We get this question a lot and it's a little difficult to answer without knowing every turf installer or their process but we can tell you what we do and what we don't do to ensure you get the best installation possible!

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Many synthetic grasses come with 8, 10, or 15-year warranties. TurfRocks only installs artificial grasses backed by a  full lifetime warranty.

Black Soil


A soil-integration barrier is important  to prevent the dirt below the substrate from mixing over time creating soft spots and bumps in your  lawn.

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TurfRocks only uses 100% decomposed granite as a foundation for our installations, never cheap alternatives like crushed or recycled concrete.

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If your turf is expected to last  10-20 years, shouldn't your weed barrier? TurfRocks only uses heavy duty woven polypropylene fabric that won't tear and offers superior drainage.

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To ensure your turf stays securely in place we use a minimum of 5-inch long non-galvanized fasteners for landscape turfs and 3-inch long finish nails for putting surfaces.

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It's too often that we hear of contractors who install a yard and then become a ghost. TurfRocks is committed to the longevity of every install, even offering maintenance.

Other Common Questions and Concerns

Water Sprinkler

Keep or Cap?


Although artificial grass doesn't need water, the earth below and your foundation still do to keep from drying up and cracking in the blazing Texas summer. On a typical installation we usually recommend leaving at least the perimeter sprinkler heads and just running them as needed rather than leaving them on a schedule; As long as we're getting regular rainfall you shouldn't need them. Foundation drip systems are always left in place and will not affect the stability of the turf.

Rain on Roof

Getting Water Where it Goes


All artificial grasses used by TurfRocks have built-in drainage via permeable backing systems or classic hole-punch drainage and have a drainage rate of no less than 30 inches per square yard per hour. Part of our estimation process is assessing your drainage needs whether it be as involved as a sump pump and french drains, or just simple grading. If you have drainage issues already be sure to mention it to us!

Fall Foliage

Keeping it Looking Good


Affordable battery-operated leaf blowers are the fastest and easiest way to care for your new lawn. Leaves and other plant debris can work its way down into your turf and decompose on top leaving a deposit of dirt on your turf over time. Simply blowing debris off your turf a couple times a month will go a long way toward preserving your green haven. Check our Approved Products page for items we recommend.

Elbow Greetings

Our Promise


TurfRocks is proud to offer a full two-year installation warranty protecting your investment from problems that aren't your fault such as seam separation, substrate settling, and other workmanship issues. We also partner with only the top artificial grass suppliers in the United States who provide a lifetime warranty on their products against fading and other defects.

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Life, uh, Finds a Way


Despite our lawn excavation during the installation process, not all plants are created equal and some can find a way to invade your artificial lawn! Here in Texas, nutsedge (commonly called nutgrass) is an invasive plant that can survive below turf and if not treated chemically will grow along edges and pop up from drainage holes. But don't worry, treating for invasive plants or applying a regular weed killer won't damage your turf.

Grey Squirrel

Ants & Diggers


While it's highly unlikely that you'll have ants in the middle of your turf, it's not uncommon for them to build a mound right at the edge. Typical pest control measures can be taken on an artificial lawn without causing damage, just be sure to clean the area well afterwards to reduce human and animal contact. On occasion you may come across a squirrel or rodent who just won't give up and manages to make a hole in your turf. No problem, we can patch in a new area of turf as small as your phone!

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Odors and Sanitation


If you have pets, odors and sanitation can be a BIG problem in artificial lawns that are not installed using proper materials. TurfRocks uses an industry-leading infill with unparalleled health and safety advantages for both people and pets in pet applications. It’s infused with antimicrobial protection which helps prevent growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and prevents stains, odors and turf deterioration. In addition, we have multiple sanitation options for periodic washing and ongoing control.

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